Uncover Inefficiency in Your Office Spending

The TC Technologies strategy prevents overspending by combining top-notch equipment from trusted brands and leading document solutions to address your specific needs. And, we can do it all within your budget.

Simple Solutions

Customers are often surprised to learn that their current setup is causing them to overspend on additional supplies when the better solution is to simply redirect the print job to a more cost-effective machine. This is just one solution. TC Technologies has hundreds of solutions to offer. Depending on your needs, TC Technologies and leading solutions partners have an answer to your current technology problems. We will design a system to reach any of your overall business goals with a combination of your existing equipment and new technology.


Malicious threats that infiltrate your network can ruin your entire business operations. Confidential data could be exposed and cause your customers to question your reliability. Don’t find yourself in that situation. With the growth of cloud-based connections to wireless printers, network security is even more crucial than ever before. Our devices already come with built-in security features, but TC Technologies has partnered with leading solution providers to secure your office devices even further. Our security solutions apply to any industry, including government-regulated ones like Healthcare, Finance, and Legal.

Free Analysis of Existing Technology

TC Technologies can help you to manage, optimize, and improve your business operations by uncovering the benefits or inefficiencies of your existing technology assets, but first, we must evaluate your current status. Our process begins with a free analysis of your existing technology to help detect any inefficiencies or risks in your current operations. Once exposed, our team works with you to recommend a better system for your needs. 

2023 Tech Tips CTA

Manage, Optimize, Improve infographic circle
We take time to understand your business goals and challenges.
We integrate technology to provide a customized solution.
We back it all up with responsive support and helpful user training to ensure the solution delivers the promised results.
Sharp Multifunction Printer
What I absolutely love about working with TC Technologies is they recommend solutions that save us money even when it reduces their fees.
Scott | VP Finance, Accounting Services