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Managing your office printers from a centralized network has many advantages. It offers flexibility and control for employees working remotely and makes sending the right job to the right printer possible. Complementing your company's network printers with managed print services will reduce overspending on print supplies and maintenance, increase printing efficiency and eliminate stress for IT managers.

Despite its advantages, accessing a network printer can also introduce malicious threats into your entire network, which is an IT nightmare. Industry chatter suggests network printers are the most vulnerable piece of equipment because printer security is not always a priority, but we beg to differ. TC Technologies offers a variety of security options to complement the built-in security features in our devices. We work closely with your IT department to fully understand workflows to predict and prevent any possible breaches.

With offices moving towards wireless options, network printers will be the technology of choice. Protect your printer network now before it’s too late.

TC Technologies network printers provide:

  • Secure access to your office printers from a remote location
  • Adjustable parameters to store documents until you’re able to pick them up
  • Choice of network printers to suit every application

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