Reduce Your Organization's Overspending

While uncovering inefficiencies can be a cost-saving measure on its own, we don't stop there when helping you reduce overspending. 

Working with Your Goals

TC Technologies values your goals as a business leader in your organization. Whether you’re a business owner or running the IT department, our skilled team takes the necessary time to understand your goals. We’ll learn about your office workflow and dynamics to get a deeper understanding of your operations and customize a solution based on our findings.

Learning about your office workflow is the first step to our process. With our free evaluation of your existing technology, we can come up with a customized solution to deliver results. For example, overspending on supplies is quite common in many organizations, and overspending on supplies can be one of the major money leaks in your office.

Overspending on materials such as toner and paper is never a good thing, but who has time to constantly check on those things and how would you even begin to track that type of activity? We use software solutions and certain features that are built into our devices to not only track your spending but actually prevent overspending from happening. Our system controls user behavior while tracking your print jobs and consumable usage through our Managed Print Services.

Managed Print Services

Through our Managed Print Services program, we’ll find the leaks in your workflows to help you continuously optimize your technology and processes. And this is just one of the many solutions we offer to help you reduce spending. Through a FREE analysis of your existing technology, we’ll recommend a better strategy to prevent overspending through redeployment of your current devices, new top-notch equipment from trusted brands where needed, and leading document solutions that address your specific needs. And, we can do it all within your budget.

Want to discuss how we can eliminate overspending in your organization?

2023 Tech Tips CTA

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We take time to understand your business goals and challenges.
We integrate technology to provide a customized solution.
We back it all up with responsive support and helpful user training to ensure the solution delivers the promised results.
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I’ve found that we have dramatically reduced the time spent on resolving issues related to our printers.
Keith | IT Director, Higher Education