Boosting Workplace Productivity

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"Productivity" is one of those buzzwords that you've likely heard all your working life. But what does it really mean and how can you boost it in today's complex world? Here are all the tips you need to succeed.

What Is Workplace Productivity?

In its simplest form, "workplace productivity" is about getting things done at work. No big deal, right?

The truth, however, is that your company's definition of productivity should be more intricate than that. You may want to ask yourself questions like these:

  • What do we get done?
  • How quickly do we do it?
  • Are tasks consistently completed on time?
  • Do we make mistakes along the way?
  • What level of quality are we able to adhere to?
  • Do we frequently go over budget?

Productivity isn't just about what you do and when; it's about your approach, communication, collaboration, quality control, and more. To truly keep things running smoothly, you have to look beyond speed and focus on everything that enables it.

Fortunately, you don't have to do that alone. Today's Tech Tip is focused on harnessing technology and best practices to empower workplace productivity across the board.

Tips for Improving Workplace Productivity

Ready to get more done? Here's where to start:

#1: Use Managed Solutions

Managed IT services. Managed print services. Even document management. When a solution has "manage" in the name, you know it's all about cost-efficient tech, streamlined workflows, and--yes--productivity. These managed services or systems help you outsource, automate, and support different parts of your business so productivity is built right into everything you do. Better yet, you don't give up control--you just become a supervisor and partner instead of the only one responsible when something goes wrong.

#2: Create Better Goals

There are all kinds of ways to create and pursue goals. Experiment with different methods until you find one that works for your teams, or let individuals set their own objectives based on their role and methods. For example, one person might find that a plethora of short-term goals works best, while another feels more motivated by one big long-term goal. No matter what you do, ensure that these objectives are prioritized--which means asking for status updates, building workflows around this particular definition of success, and choosing goal-focused technology solutions.

#3: Define "Wasted Time"

Different people have different ideas when it comes to wasted time. If you want to streamline and improve workflows, you need to figure out what those ideas are. For example, some teams might feel particularly productive in meetings due to the collaborative nature of their responsibilities, while others get more done when they're allowed to work independently. The main takeaway is to be aware of tasks, workflows, and requirements that slow your teams down or introduce bottlenecks.

#4: Optimize Communication

Not every question needs to be an email, and not every urgent problem is appropriate to share over chat. To improve productivity in smart ways, you need to optimize communication--and that means building expectations around different tools and platforms. Allow for some freedom here--after all, people communicate in different ways--but establish guidelines that help your teams leverage technical tools for better outcomes.

#5: Consolidate Technology

Having too many options can quickly become a frustration--not to mention a cybersecurity risk and a budget drain. Consider consolidating printers, apps, and other technology by choosing the tools that drive productivity instead of interrupting it. Does that printer have too many features no one's using? Maybe that mobile device has become a distraction or that document-sharing platform is just too complicated. Whatever you decide, ensure that you're streamlining and improving--not just getting rid of tech to "shake things up" or "try something new."

#6: Leverage The Cloud (More)

The cloud is becoming a bigger part of business, but the chances are it can do even more to help your productivity. Don't just store documents here--collaborate on them using a digitized, cloud-based workplace shared between multiple teams. Build applications, connect legacy systems, empower cybersecurity solutions, and track usage and habits. The cloud is an empty page and you're holding the pen.


No matter how you choose to define workplace productivity, it should always be a focus in your business. Fortunately, best practices and smart technology solutions can help you get more done without sacrificing quality or your budget.

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